Overseas Candidate Support


Need Help Appointing an Overseas Trained Teacher to Your School?

The appointment of an overseas trained teacher, or indeed a returning NZ teacher from abroad, can sometimes be a daunting prospect for New Zealand Schools. Consequently, Prospero Teaching provides New Zealand schools comprehensive support with this procedure.

Our experienced NZ consultants are familiar with all of the necessary checks that candidates, and schools, need to undertake. We strive to ensure your candidate starts their role on time, and in a compliant fashion.

As a simplified overview, Prospero Teaching works to ensure the following:

  • All candidates, put forward for interview, are thoroughly pre-screened to ensure eligibility and suitability for NZ based positions.
  • Candidates are interviewed by a Prospero Consultant, CV, references, video profile, and criminal history checks are all obtained prior to each school interview.
  • Each candidate is supported through the NZQA qualification assessment processes
  • Each candidate is guided through the Teacher Registration process
  • Upon confirmation of employment, each candidate is guided through the VISA application process
  • Upon confirmation of employment, each candidate is supported with preparing their Novopay salary assessment

At all stages, your local consultant will keep you updated with the progress of your candidate’s journey.

Are you a New Zealand school currently dealing with the above process? Please feel free to get in touch.

nz@propseroteaching.co.nz  or 0800 128769