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Experience (Wheako)

Prospero Teaching is an international educational recruitment agency who have been working alongside schools for nearly twenty years. Over this time, we have supported many international teachers (New Zealand, Australian, Canadian, South African, UK and Irish) with the development of their teaching careers in the form of overseas placements within our client schools throughout the world.

What do we provide?

  • NExperienced consultants
  • N Global Expertise
  • N Quality candidates
  • N Compliance checked
  • N Post placement care

What do we do? (Aha te mahi tatou i)

  • NAdvertise vacancies on your behalf and promote across our worldwide network, candidate database, Prospero websites, job boards, and our Prospero mobile app.
  • NShortlist and filter candidates based upon your criteria
  • NFacilitate online and face to face interview opportunities
  • NAssist with all related compliance and job documentation
  • NProvide a NZ based induction for candidates coming from abroad
  • NProvision of ongoing professional development
  • NPost placement support and ongoing communication

How do we ensure quality? (Kounga)

Primarily our candidates come from New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the UK, where we have an established recruitment presence.
All candidates are fully vetted, and have been subject to our stringent safeguarding procedures. We are a Gold Standard recruitment agency who ensure quality through appropriate candidate qualification, professional development and support.

Supporting schools with great teachers since 2000

Tautoko kura ki
kaiako nui mai 2000

Global coverage, local identity, passionate & experienced consultants.

What Schools Say About Us

“Dear Neil, I’m writing to express my appreciation for the manner in which you have handled the process of our school’s hiring of an overseas teacher.
I well know that this can be a convoluted and challenging procedure with countless potential fish-hooks and hurdles. Nonetheless, from the start, you were clear in what we could expect with the potential candidates and always timely and precise in your guidance around the sequence of decisions involved in the hiring process.
We very much appreciate your professionalism and warm conscientious commitment to supporting the completion of this undertaking.”

Paul Green, Principal – Makoura College, New Zealand

“Prospero Teaching, and in particular our consultant Neil Elliott, values the feedback provided and ensures that this is taken forward whenever needed. This has resulted in preferred teachers returning to the school wherever possible and, on rare occasions, difficulties and concerns being handled swiftly and sensitively to reach a positive resolution.”
Lee Lewis, Deputy Head Teacher at Avenue Primary School – London, United Kingdom

“We have now been working with Prospero over the last few years and have been delighted with the service they have provide. Prospero go the extra mile to provide the quality our school requires to support the high achievement expected in the classroom.”
Mrs M Patel, Claremont High School – London, United Kingdom

“I have been working with Prospero for over 6 years and have been extremely happy with the service they have provided me and the school. Prospero have made every effort to understand the needs we have at the school. Prospero supports the schools high achievements by always providing us with quality teachers.”
Suzanne Kesohia, Forrest Gate Community School – London, United Kingdom

Prospero Teaching are proud to
be official partners with SPANZ.