One of the most common questions we get asked at Prospero Teaching is: how much will I likely get paid? This is an important question when it comes to considering teaching abroad. This post is intended to give a basic overview of the key differences in pay for the four countries we recruit for.


United Kingdom

As with most countries, the United Kingdom has a clearly defined pay scale. At the time of writing (July 2019) the following figures apply to teachers looking to teach in inner-London. The starting salary for a beginning teacher (M1) is: £ 29,664. For teachers with around six years fulltime experience the salary (M6) is: £ 29,664. Senior teachers, who meet certain criteria, may be eligible for the ‘Upper Pay Range’ which ranges from £40,310 – £43,348. In addition to the above figures, teachers who take on additional responsibility may be eligible for managerial unites called TLR payments – these usually add a couple of thousand pounds to your salary.

*The income tax rates are for teachers earning under £50,000 is 20%.

New Zealand

At the time of writing, Primary and Secondary school teachers have recently settled a pay raise claim with the Ministry of Education. From July 2019, Teacher pay will rise – continuing upwards for the next two years. Currently, a beginning teacher is likely to earn circa. $48,410 NZD, with teachers of around 10 years’ experience earning circa. $80,500 NZD. As with the UK, teachers taking on extra commitments maybe eligible for additional managerial units on top of their base pay.

*The income tax rates are for teachers earning $48,000-$70,000 is 30%. Over $70,000 is 33%.

UAE – United Arab Emirates

Teaching salaries across the UAE vary widely. A cursive reading of some educational websites, and job adverts, provide the following indications. For most teachers the salary range is between: 147,000 – 244,000 AED (approx. $57,500-$95,000 AUD). However, these salaries are often only one part of a wider remuneration package – which includes things like: subsidised accommodation, health insurance, and paid flights.

The personal tax rate in the UAE is minimal.


Teaching pay in Australia varies based on which state or territory you happen to be teaching in. For example, a beginning teacher in Western Australia will likely start on $70,137 whilst their counterparts in the Northern Territory will start on $73,335. At the top end of the teacher pay scale, experienced teachers can expect to be paid in excess of $100,000 AUD. Australian teachers are able to increase their base salary with a number of additional allowances, for example by teaching in a remote area school.

*The income tax rates for teachers earning $37,001-$80,000 is 32.5%. Over $80,000 is 37%.


As you can see there is quite a range when it comes to teacher salaries between the aforementioned countries. However, it is worth taking into consideration several other factors when looking to make a comparison strictly on pay alone. For example, factoring in the cost of living and personal tax rates will be important considerations. Lifestyle, culture and work-life-balance will also be additional factors to consider.

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Patrick Kearns is a New Zealand trained teacher, and currently the Australasian Regional Manager for Prospero Teaching.