Teaching Agency London

What are your hopes, and expectations?

‘Teaching Agencies London’ … so you have just entered this keyword search into Google, and so the process begins.

What are your hopes, and expectations? How will you determine which companies are the best to deal with? This short blog post will hopefully provide some much-needed guidance.

Teaching Agencies London Google search is often the first step an overseas trained teacher will take towards their investigation into teaching options in the UK. Why London? Well for many candidates this is the obvious port of call – based on others ‘recommendations’. London is a fantastic city, but not the only city within the UK that requires overseas teachers. Knowing this, enables teachers to extend their search, and find an agency that provides teaching roles in other UK cities and towns, also.

Other than location, what other filters could you apply to your agency search? As an overseas teacher who has lived and taught in the UK, I would suggest the following:

Find a UK teaching agency that is…

  • NWell established – 15+ years
  • NIs accredited by a recognised UK, and international, professional standards organisation
  • NIs staffed by teachers
  • NRepresented in your home country e.g. Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Canada etc.
  • NAble to offer a variety of work types: full-time, part-time, contract etc.
  • NWorking alongside the Department for Education (UK)
  • NAble to offer free Professional Development
  • NPersonable and responsive!
  • NRecommended by teachers

Agencies that tick the above are a great place to start. From there your judgment as to which company to commit to will largely be based on ‘gut feel’ – an important instinct for any teacher.
Fortunately, Prospero Teaching is an established, and award-winning, UK teaching agency. We are proud to tick all the boxes.

If you are currently searching ‘Teaching Agencies London’ ‘UK teaching jobs’ ‘Best UK teaching agency’ then please feel free to get in contact with your Australian and NZ based teams at: ausnz@prosperoteaching.com or nz@prosperoteaching.co.nz

Like Google, we are here to help!

Patrick Kearns is a NZ trained Teacher, and the Australasian Regional Manager for Prospero Teaching.