Teaching in Australia

Australia is a fantastic destination to teach! Teachers in Australia benefit from a world class education environment. As well as multiple professional development opportunities, teachers also benefit from very competitive renumeration packages, and associated benefits.

For those teaches who love the outdoors, Australia provides an amazing climate and unique scenery. Many of our candidates love the outdoor lifestyle teaching in Australia offers.

Given the share size of Australia, teachers have the ability to teach across a multitude of detitanations and in a variety of diverse settings – including schools dedicated to the education of Australia’s indigenous citizens. Whether you like teaching metro, rural or costal Australia has it all.

Schools in Australia welcome applications from teachers from all experience levels, and from all eligible countries. Many overseas-trained-teachers are proud to call Australia home.

The Australian Curriculum

The Australian School Curriculum guides what students are to learn at every year level – from Foundation through to year 10. The curriculum helps to support all relevant stakeholders: students, teachers, and parents with an understanding of what should be taught (content), and the relevant standards to be met. The curriculum covers the following eight subject areas: Mathematics; English; Science; Humanities and Social Sciences; Health and Physical Education The Arts; Technologies as well as Languages. More information about the curriculum can be accessed here.

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The School System

The School system in Australia starts for Children at age 5. Prior to age 5, children are typically educated in a variety of early years settings – pre-schools, kindergartens, etc. Primary school typically covers Year 1 through to Year 6/7. Secondary School from Year 7/8 to Year 12.

In terms of classification, schools in Australia are either referred to as either government or non-government. The non-government school sector typically comprises schools who identify as either Catholic or Independent.

The School Year

The Australian School year starts in either late January / early February (depending on the State) and runs through to mid-December. The school year is comprised of four school terms. Each term is around 10 weeks in duration (roughly 200 school days per year). Each term is separated by semester holidays, the largest of which (6 weeks) takes place over Summer.

Pay and Benefits

As Australia is a federated system of Government, the pay and associated benefits do differ across the various State Authorities. However, each State has its own recognised teacher pay scale, which outlines the relevant pay band per year of experience. Taking the state of Queensland as an example, a beginning teacher can expect to be paid around $70,000 per year, whilst an experienced senior teacher would earn over $100,000. Senior leaders pay typically ranges from around $114,000, up to $200,000

for School Principles of larger schools. In addition to base salaries, many schools offer a host of additional allowances / incentives. For example, you can expect to earn more, and have more financial assistance available, should you chose to teach in a rural/remote setting.

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Relocation and Support

Our Consultants will support you from your first contact with us. Our in-country consultants will help you with all relevant compliance documentation, teacher registration, visa questions, and provide information on how to best interview with Australian schools. But the support doesn’t stop there, our Australian consultants will support you with information on living costs, accommodation, travel and transport.

Prospero Teaching team of former professional teachers provide full training and support

Candidate Testimonials

“I am so thankful to Prospero Teaching and to the amazing employee, Emma, who has helped me so diligently in my teaching journey. I am beyond grateful as a new grad to be able to work full-time in the profession I love and for the opportunity I otherwise might have missed if not for the assistance of this organisation. You won’t regret signing up!” Amy, Australian Early Years Teacher, 2020

“…I am writing as a recent job seeker in the field of Secondary Teaching to commend your employee Terry Parsons who has helped me greatly through the whole process. I have been extremely impressed by Terry’s knowledge, reliability and communication skills and he is most definitely an asset to the team at Prospero.” Jane, Australian Secondary Teacher, 2020

“Prospero teaching were very helpful in connecting me to a school which lead to me finding a job. Terry was always helpful and quick to respond to all of my personal enquiries before and after hours. The service was personal, unique and catered to all my needs. Terry was very friendly and his advice was helpful. I didn’t feel like I was just a number, I felt the genuine help and care from their service. I recommend any teacher who is looking for work seek out Prospero teaching for their services.” Josiah, Australian Primary Teacher, 2020