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With an emerging teaching shortage in New Zealand, Prospero Teaching is supporting New Zealand schools with their staffing needs.

Being established for nearly twenty years, Prospero Teaching has had vast experience in supporting UK schools with their recruitment needs and have helped thousands of British, Australian, New Zealand, American, Canadian, South African, Irish and European teachers to secure teaching roles.

With two offices already established in New Zealand, offices in in Australia, Canada, England, Wales and Dubai, we are well placed to support teachers with the opportunity to teach in New Zealand.

PatrickNeil and Karolina collectively have experience working in England, Australia and New Zealand, whilst Patrick has also taught in both England and New Zealand,  Our highly trained and experienced AUSNZ team will provide you with all the information and advice you require to make the move to New Zealand a reality!

The NZ Curriculum

The NZ curriculum has a strong English and Mathematics focus. Writing and Reading are taught adjacently and leading teaching pedagogies have emerged from New Zealand, including a student led inquiry based learning approach.

The New Zealand curriculum is flexible in relation to topics covered and incorporates a global focus where students use the inquiry model to lead their learning journey, with a focus around the following learning areas: English, Mathematics, Science, Art, Health and Physical Education, Social Sciences, Learning Languages and Technology.

The NZ curriculum is built upon eight key governing principles, these are: High Expectations, Treaty of Waitangi, Cultural Diversity, Inclusion, Learning to Learn, Community Engagement, Coherence and Future Focus.

For any teachers wishing to teach in New Zealand, they will need to have an awareness of Māori culture particularly in relation to the Treaty of Waitangi, Te Reo and Tikanga Māori.

Types of schools in NZ

Early Childhood Centres: Children under the age of five.

  • Playcentre (birth to school age)
  • Kindergarten (ages 3- 5)
  • Licensed Early Childhood Centres (ages 0- 5) usually privately owned
  • Chartered Early Childhood Centres (ages 0- 5) state funded

Primary and Secondary Schools: Children aged 5- 18 years old

There are three main types of schools in New Zealand: state (public) schools, state integrated (special character), and private (independent) schools.

  • Full Primary Schools: Year One- Year Eight
  • Contributing Primary Schools: Year One- Year Six
  • Intermediate Schools: Year Seven and Year Eight
  • Secondary Schools: Year Nine- Year Thirteen

SEN Schools:

These schools provide specialist education or support for students with specific physical, behaviour, sensory or intellectual support needs.

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The School Year

The school year in New Zealand begins late January and finishes mid-December. The school year is divided into 4 terms, each roughly 10 weeks long.

Term 1: Late January to early April (two week break)
Term 2: May to early July (two week break)
Term 3: Late July to late September (two week break)
Term 4: Mid-October to mid-December (six week summer holidays)

CPD and Professional Development

Prospero Teaching places huge importance on supporting teachers and support staff by providing a comprehensive calendar of fully accredited online CPD sessions, individual support for all of our educators, and ongoing mentorship including developmental observations and feedback. Our Training and Development Team are all qualified teachers, with extensive teaching experience. Our sole responsibility is support, meaning we focus on making sure all Prospero teachers and support staff have fantastic training, mentorship and in-placement assistance.

Relocation Support

Our Consultants will support you from your first contact with us. We have nine offices in the UK, as well as offices in Canada, the UAE,  Australia, and New Zealand. Our in-country consultants will help you with compliance documents, visa questions, and provide information on New Zealand schools. But the support doesn’t stop there, from stepping foot in New Zealand, our New Zealand based consultants will support you with information on living costs, accommodation, travel and transport. Our New Zealand team will provide induction into NZ schools and on-going CPD courses and opportunities.

Ready To Start Your Journey?

What our teachers say about us?

“Patrick has excellent communication skills and I was always kept well informed through his prompt replies to my emails and phone calls. He obviously has a good relationship with his colleagues as all information was clear and concise.”

India, Primary Teacher, New Zealander

“From the beginning, Prospero have been so helpful.” … “They immediately gave me a lot of insight into the job situation in the South West, and provided me with a lot of helpful info regarding the area so I was very content and grateful to have their help and support.”

Sarah, Primary Teacher, New Zealander

“The difference I have found in comparison to the stories I have heard from friends, is that Prospero go the extra mile to ensure that their teachers feel they are having a personalised experience, and that they are taken care of. Even after securing a job, I was called regularly by my consultant to see how I was getting on, and what else the agency could do for me.”

Allistair, Secondary PE Teacher, New Zealander