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Have you ever considered teaching in the UAE? You may have heard of the high-rise cities and tourist destinations of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but did you know that Prospero Teaching also work with international schools across the UAE, including the lesser-known but popular cities Ras al Khaimah, Sharjah and Al Ain?

Prospero Teaching UAE has a large demand for qualified primary and secondary teachers throughout the academic year and are located right in the heart of Dubai, assisting expat teachers from the moment they register, right through to successful appointment and relocation to the Middle East.

Prospero Teaching has an abundance of teaching jobs in Dubai and throughout the UAE. Many of us at Prospero Teaching are teachers ourselves and understand your passion for educating young people is what drives you. However, we also understand that in today’s international job market, securing a teaching position overseas is exceptionally competitive, so our experienced consultants are here to advise and support your application every step of the way!

At Prospero Teaching UAE we can offer you;


  • Permanent contracts (two years) for expat teachers looking to progress their professional development in a credible international school in the UAE
  • Flexible day-to-day and long-term supply teaching for sponsored, local teachers, currently living in the UAE (must already have UAE residency), allowing teachers the opportunity to experience a variety of schools in the local area
  • One-to-one application and interview advice, CV writing, CPD, acclimatisation and induction upon arrival, teacher social and networking events and general ongoing support!

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Intro to the UAE

My name is Alicia and I am the Regional Manager based at Prospero Teaching in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Prospero Teaching is one of the UK’s largest teaching recruitment agencies and in 2015 and 2016 we were named one of the 100 fastest growing companies in the UK. I am honoured to have successfully extended our services to the Middle East, working in partnership with International Schools in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Why teach in the UAE?

Teaching in the UAE is very different to the UK, as you can imagine! There are international schools from all around the world, delivering a variety of curricula and due to the city’s phenomenal growth, more and more schools open every year. Due to this demand, there are fantastic opportunities available, with every school offering varying remuneration packages to incentivise the very best teachers of the UK and rest of the world to flock to its doors.

The UAE is home to an astonishingly large Western ex-pat community, with any initial culture shock quickly diminishing through available social and networking events. Abu Dhabi and Dubai, in particular, are colourful, exciting cities to live and work in, with an endless bucket list of activities to do and places to see in your spare time. Other Emirates include the beautiful and peaceful Ras al Khaimah, the historic Sharjah and the green oasis of Al Ain.

Do I qualify to teach in the UAE?

On behalf of the International Schools, I am looking to engage with teachers who are interested in 1-3 year contracts, in Kindergarten/Early Years, Primary, Secondary, Preparatory and Senior schools; whether you are available this academic year (2018-19) or next (2019-20). Due to employment laws and visa applications, registering a potential interest early is key!

International Schools uphold exceptionally high expectations of their staff and pupils and are looking for experienced teachers who have a minimum of 2-4 years experience delivering the UK curriculum, IGCSE, IBP and/or IBPYP curricula. All successful teachers must possess appropriate teaching qualifications, whether they have a Bachelors degree in Education, a BA (Hons) in Primary Education with QTS, or a degree and PGCE for Primary / Secondary with QTS.

As the schools here accommodate students from around the world, we are looking for world-class teachers who are looking for further career progression and who possess the flexibility to adapt to the challenges and demands of working in an international setting.


Priority teachers include:


  • Early Years / Foundation Stage
  • Primary
  • Maths / English / Science specialists (KS2-3 Preparatory)
  • Secondary Maths
  • Secondary English
  • Secondary Science
  • Secondary Business Studies
  • Secondary ICT / Computing
  • Secondary Art
  • Senior Leaders (SENCo, Head of Primary/Secondary, Principal)

What is it like living in the UAE?

Contrary to many assumptions, international schools in the UAE are not just for young single teachers with a penchant for brunches and beach parties! The UAE is a very safe and exceptionally family-friendly country with some of the best schools in the world and an endless list of activities and days out for the whole family. An international move can be a momentous decision for families to make and the schools here understand this and many will provide visa applications for up to two dependents for the right teacher.

The UAE is home to a rich and historical culture, yet the country’s development over the past 20 years has resulted in a fruitful juxtaposition with western cultures. Although the most open of Arab societies, It is also a Muslim country, with religion playing a significant role in the culture and so ex-pats must take this into consideration when living and working here.

As with any country, ex-pats must research thoroughly and take an active interest in the country’s cultures and traditions before taking the leap! Ex-pats from around the world live harmoniously alongside the native Emirati and Arab population and due to the strict laws in place, the UAE is one of the safest countries in the world with very low crime rates.

To find out more information, register your interest and/or receive the latest international vacancies, please do not hesitate to contact Prospero Teaching UAE (dubai@prosperoteaching.com) with your contact details and CV

About Alicia Asbury

Alicia is the Regional Manager at Prospero’s UAE office, located in the bustling city of Dubai, currently working with international schools and expat teachers across the Middle East.

A former freelance teacher from Manchester, UK, she has worked with Prospero for three years and moved to Dubai in 2016, experiencing first-hand what moving overseas entails as an expat.

Alicia worked in primary and secondary schools across London, before deciding to pursue a career in Educational Recruitment. With recruitment experience in both the UK and UAE, and exceptional knowledge of the international school sector, Alicia has assisted many expat teachers to find their dream jobs in the Middle East and is able to advise you on your next move overseas!

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