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Webinar Recap: Teachers Relocating to New Zealand 2024

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Kia ora, teachers!


We’re absolutely thrilled to share the success of our recent Prospero Teaching New Zealand Relocating to New Zealand Webinar, where Tyler, Ashley and Rachel, took our teacher friends on a virtual journey to the stunning shores of Aotearoa covering everything related to relocating to NZ. This blog provides a recap of our webinar designed for teachers who are interesting in relocating to New Zealand!





Meet the Prospero Teaching Team hosting our Prospero Teaching Relocating to New Zealand Webinar!


The webinar provided a platform for attendees to meet the Prospero Teaching team, including Tyler, Ashley, and Rachel.

Their diverse backgrounds in recruitment and teaching across the UK, Australia, and New Zealand equip them with the insights needed to assist candidates in navigating the New Zealand education system and the relocation process effectively.


Webinar Hosts


Why New Zealand?


Why consider New Zealand as your next educational home?

Our Prospero Teaching Relocating to New Zealand Webinar highlighted several compelling reasons:

Educational Excellence: New Zealand is globally recognised for its high educational standards, ranking 11th worldwide.

Safety and Healthcare: It ranks 2nd for safety and 7th for healthcare, ensuring a secure and healthy environment for families and professionals alike.

Natural Beauty and Friendly Culture: Known for its stunning landscapes and welcoming communities, New Zealand offers a unique blend of professional work environment and a relaxed lifestyle conducive to personal growth.


430+ Teachers multi-selected the reasons why they wanted to move to NZ: Here are the results!


Graphic of results



What Support Does Prospero Offer?


Prospero Teaching New Zealand prides itself on offering a range of support services to ensure a smooth transition for teachers relocating to New Zealand:

Compliance Guidance: We ensure compliance with local regulations, Prospero is there every step of the way.

Career Tailoring and Placement: They assist with refining CVs to meet New Zealand standards and coordinate interviews, making job applications seamless.

Settlement Support: Beyond the professional realm, Prospero helps with everyday essentials like setting up bank accounts and finding accommodation.


Our ‘Relocating to New Zealand’ webinar highlighted Job Opportunities Across the Educational Spectrum


New Zealand offers varied teaching roles that cater to different educational stages and specialties:

Early Childhood Education: For those passionate about nurturing young minds.

Primary and Secondary Education: Opportunities to teach various subjects in structured educational settings.

Special Education: Specialised roles for those skilled in addressing the needs of students with learning differences.


Prospero Teaching facilitates both fixed-term and permanent teaching positions:


Fixed-Term Roles: These positions are perfect for those seeking diversity in their teaching experience and the opportunity to explore various educational settings.

Permanent Roles: For those looking for stability and long-term career growth, permanent roles offer continuity and deeper integration into the New Zealand education system.


Planning Your Relocation: Key Compliance and Dates


The webinar meticulously outlined the steps involved in relocating, from obtaining necessary qualifications recognised in New Zealand (NZQA and Teacher Registration) to understanding the ideal timelines for application processes.

It also covered term dates for planning arrivals in 2024, 2025, and 2026, aligning with the academic calendar.


Our ‘Relocating to New Zealand’ Webinar Concluded with a Q + A: Below are some of the questions answered by Tyler, Rachel and Ashley!


FAQ 1: What qualifications do I need to teach in New Zealand?


Answer: To teach in New Zealand, you need to have your international qualifications assessed by the NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority) and obtain a teaching certification from the Teaching Council of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Prospero Teaching can assist with the application process for these certifications and guide you through meeting all necessary educational standards.


FAQ 2: How long does the visa application process take, and when should I start applying?


Answer: Visa application times can vary depending on the type of visa and individual circumstances, typically ranging from 1 to 8 weeks.

It is advisable to begin the visa application process as soon as you have a job offer or have decided to relocate.

Prospero Teaching provides guidance and support in managing these timelines effectively to ensure a smooth transition.


FAQ 3: Are there opportunities for permanent residency in New Zealand through teaching positions?


Answer: Yes, teaching in New Zealand can lead to pathways for permanent residency, especially if you are in a long-term or permanent teaching role.

Prospero Teaching can help identify opportunities and roles that align with residency pathways and provide necessary support in navigating the residency application process.


FAQ 4: What kind of support does Prospero Teaching offer once I arrive in New Zealand?


Answer: Prospero Teaching offers extensive post-placement support which includes help with settling into your new role, finding accommodation, setting up bank accounts, and adapting to life in New Zealand.

They aim to ensure that you feel supported throughout your transition and are well-integrated into your new community and workplace.


FAQ 5: Do we provide assistance with accommodation or housing?


Answer: While you’ll handle this aspect independently, we’re here to offer guidance by sharing helpful links and aiding in finding the right fit.


FAQ 6: What is the cost of living like?


Answer: The cost of living varies based on your lifestyle, whether you’re traveling solo or with family, and your preferred location.


FAQ 7: Are we expected to know Māori language?


Answer: Proficiency in the Māori language isn’t mandatory, and schools don’t expect it. However, it’s valuable to be open to learning, as our country places a strong emphasis on Māori language and culture.


Next Steps for Aspiring New Zealand Teachers


Prospero encourages interested candidates to proactively prepare their documentation, engage with the Prospero team for personalised advice, and utilise the post-webinar resources provided to navigate the application process efficiently.


Connect and Learn More


To further assist potential applicants, Prospero Teaching New Zealand remains accessible through their social media platforms and dedicated communication channels.

Interested individuals are encouraged to reach out and take proactive steps towards an enriching teaching career in New Zealand.

In conclusion, our Prospero Teaching New Zealand webinar was a memorable experience, and it’s just the beginning of your exciting journey to teach in New Zealand.

We can’t wait to help you make your dreams of living and teaching in this beautiful country a reality.

We hope our Recap of the Prospero Teaching Relocating to New Zealand Webinar was helpful!

Stay tuned for more, and until then, kia kaha (stay strong) on your path to a Kiwi adventure!