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Australian Teaching Salary Guide 2024/25

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Welcome to Prospero Teaching Australia’s Teacher Salary Guide for 2024/25!


Prospero Teaching Australia Teaching Salary Guide 2024


Are you contemplating a career in teaching across Australia or planning to embark on a teaching journey from overseas to Australia? Our latest blog is here to guide you through the various teacher salary scales across each Australian state.

We understand that for educators, whether local or international, understanding the financial aspects of a teaching career in different regions is crucial. Therefore, we’ve diligently gathered and analysed the most recent government reports to offer a clear, comprehensive view of what teachers can expect to earn in different parts of Australia.

Join us as we delve into the nuances of teacher remuneration across the Australian states, helping you make an informed decision about where your teaching skills could be best utilized and rewarded.

New South Wales (NSW) Teaching Salary


Starting off in the bustling state of NSW, graduate teachers earn a competitive salary, with opportunities to increase their pay through various steps. Salary progression is generally tied to years of experience, additional qualifications, and professional development milestones. Advanced roles such as “Highly Accomplished” and “Lead Teacher” categories offer significant pay increases for those who demonstrate outstanding performance.

In NSW, the incentive scheme is based on the remoteness of the school, with packages that include rural teacher incentive payments and a substantial rental subsidy. The state also offers various benefits to encourage teachers to consider roles in more remote locations​ (7NEWS)​.

NSW Teacher Salary Scale

Salary Range: Graduate Teacher – Highly Accomplished Teacher: $85,000 – $129,948 Source

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Victoria (VIC) Teaching Salary


In Victoria, teachers are remunerated according to steps which correspond to years of service and additional responsibilities taken on. Teachers can progress to ‘Leading Teacher’ status by demonstrating leadership in educational excellence and managing programs that improve student outcomes.

The Victorian government’s investment of $27 million in financial incentives aims to address the challenges in filling hard-to-staff positions. Qualified teachers considering such roles are offered a sizeable financial incentive to make the move​ (7NEWS)​​ (​.

VIC Teacher Salary Scale

Salary Range: Graduate Teacher – Leading Teacher 3-2: $77,248 – $125,730 Source

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Queensland (QLD) Teaching Salary


Queensland offers one of the highest graduate starting salaries in the country, encouraging young educators to begin their careers in the state. Advancement through the salary steps can be achieved with additional qualifications, years of service, and leadership roles in the education setting.

Queensland provides a one-off payment for teachers who relocate to rural areas, in addition to a travel allowance and potential debt reduction for extended service in remote locations​ (7NEWS)​

QLD Teacher Salary Scale

Salary Range: Graduate Teacher (Band 2-1) – Lead Teacher: $81,628 – $138,607 Source

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Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Teaching Salary


ACT’s salary scale reflects its high standard of living, with teachers enjoying competitive starting salaries. The salary progression involves reaching various experience levels and the assumption of more complex duties.


ACT Teacher Salary Scale

Salary Range: Graduate Teacher – Experienced Teacher Level 8: $84,978 – $121,038 Source


Northern Territory (NT) Teaching Salary


Teachers in NT are recognized for working in some of the most remote areas of the country, with the salary structure reflecting the unique challenges faced in these regions. Besides experience and qualifications, teachers here can earn more by working in remote or challenging environments.

The NT government acknowledges the challenges of working in these remote areas with a competitive salary structure. Additionally, teachers often receive substantial support in the form of accommodation, travel and relocation assistance, and tenure-related bonuses. These benefits are designed to attract skilled educators to these crucial roles and support them in their commitment to making a meaningful impact in the community.

NT Teacher Salary Scale

Salary Range: Graduate Teacher (CT1) – CT9: $84,191 – $120,742 Source

For educators driven by the desire to make a real difference and engage with unique cultural experiences, the NT presents a fulfilling opportunity. It’s an avenue to grow professionally while actively contributing to the development of communities that greatly value educational support and guidance.

For more information about our current NT teaching job opportunities, please register your details here.


South Australia (SA) Teaching Salary


Salaries in SA are structured to reward experience and educational contributions. The state provides a clear pathway for teachers to advance through various tiers based on their years in the system and additional roles they may take on.

South Australia is looking to increase teacher salaries by 13% over four years and is introducing measures to support teachers with planning time, reduced administrative workloads, and mentoring for early-career educators. The reintroduction of the Country Incentives Zone Allowance is also a significant step to retain educators in rural locations​ (InDaily)​.

SA Teacher Salary Scale

Salary Range: Graduate Teacher – Tier 9: $74,769 – $108,441 Source


Western Australia (WA) Teaching Salary


In WA, the teacher’s salary structure is competitive, encouraging teachers to seek out further professional development and take on leadership roles within schools to move up the scale.

Western Australia (WA) is not only addressing its teacher shortage with attractive incentives but is also rapidly emerging as a sought-after destination for people moving to Australia. WA’s teacher incentives, particularly in rural and remote areas, are an acknowledgment of the critical role educators play in these growing communities. The state’s tiered incentive system, offering up to $17,000 based on school location, is designed to attract and retain teachers in areas where they are needed most.

WA Teacher Salary Scale

Salary Range: Graduate Teacher – 3.2: $78,397 – $120,320 Source


Tasmania (TAS) Teaching Salary

Tasmania offers a straightforward progression through levels, primarily based on years of service. The island state values consistency and dedication, rewarding teachers who commit to their schools and communities.

TAS Teacher Salary Scale

Salary Range: Graduate Teacher – Level 13: $70,571 – $114,882 Source


How does a teacher in each state progress up the scale?


While each state has its structure, common factors affecting salary progression for teachers across Australia include:

  1. Years of Experience: The number of years served in the teaching profession usually has a significant impact on a teacher’s salary, with most states having a step-based system.
  2. Professional Development: Engaging in ongoing education and specialized training can lead to higher pay scales.
  3. Leadership Roles: Taking on additional responsibilities such as head of department, coordinator roles, or becoming a senior teacher can significantly bump up the salary.
  4. Performance: Excellence in teaching and positive impacts on student outcomes can lead to recognition and advancement in salary scales.
  5. Location: Working in remote or rural areas often comes with additional incentives and higher salary scales due to the challenges and needs of these communities.

As the teaching landscape continues to evolve, so do the opportunities for educators in Australia. By understanding the salary scales and factors influencing progression, teachers can navigate their career paths with greater insight and strategy.


Boost your earnings in Australia’s rural/remote schools


Australia is currently grappling with a significant teacher shortage, especially in rural and remote areas. This shortage is causing larger class sizes and impacting the quality of education in these communities. The challenge extends to the secondary education sector, where the retirement of a substantial number of teachers in the coming decade is set to intensify the demand for new educators.

If you’re a teacher and fancy something outside the major cities, there’s good news: regional schools across Australia are looking for teachers like you and they’re ready to make it worth your while. Picture this: moving to a charming town, like Moree in NSW, could not only give you a fresh start but also boost your earnings with bonuses that could add up to $45,000. That’s because of the recent bonuses for teachers who choose to work in the countryside. The extra cash is a big draw, and let’s not forget the lower living costs and the chance to really make a difference in a smaller community. It’s a win-win: you get to save more and experience life outside the big city, all while doing the job you love​.


Thank you for reading our teacher salary guide for 2024/25! we hope this helps you make the best choice for your teaching career in Australia 🙂


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