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Unlocking Opportunities: Exciting Changes to Age and Length for UK Visas!

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Are you an Aussie or Canadian exploring UK Visa options?


Big news! Changes in the Youth Mobility Scheme (YMS) Visa and Ancestry Visa are making waves for folks ready to start their British journey. Let’s get into the details:


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Youth Mobility Visa Age Milestone


The age eligibility for the Youth Mobility Visa has just undergone a major shift—from under 31 years to under 36 years! 🎉  . Additionally, you can now access the Visa for up to 3-years!

The 3rd year of the Visa optional for you to apply & you can do this towards the end of your 2nd year! Just imagine what you can pack into an extra year in the UK!

Australia and Canada have officially caught up with New Zealand on the age & duration front as of January 31, 2024. Fantastic news for those in their early 30s who may have thought they missed the boat. It’s a testament to the enduring desire for exploration and cultural immersion, proving that the zest for adventure doesn’t dwindle with age. Explore the full scoop here.


Change in cost for the Youth Mobility Visa


In conjunction with an age increase, the Youth Mobility Visa cost has also seen an increase. The increase the annual IHS (Immigration Health Surcharge) fee to £776, meaning the total for your 2-year visa will be £1850 (inclusive of the £298 application fee).

If you decide to stay for the additional 1-year the culminating total will be £2328 for a 3-year visa duration.

Luckily that 3rd Visa year is an optional extra, so your up-front cost for the visa will only be for the 2-years!


Change in cost to the ancestry visa


Lastly, the Ancestry Visa has increased to £1,035 per year, totaling £5,175 for a 5-year visa. This visa is eligible for anyone who has a grandparent born in the UK. Dive deeper into the details here.

The winds of change are blowing through the UK visa landscape, and these updates might just be the key to unlocking your British dreams. Stay informed, stay excited, and get ready for your journey across the pond!


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